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Our mission - Always Top Quality Materials

ProDrive is committed to using only the best materials and components to deliver optimal performance. We focus on you, the customer, to provide a paddle that exceeds your expectations.


The DRIVE Paddle

The DRIVE Paddle is the next generation of pickleball paddles. It is designed with Aerospace technology (Aramid), enhancing overall playability, making The DRIVE Paddle the most modern paddle on the market.


Constructed with a 3-layer core, players have better feel and touch on drops and dinks. The Aramid in the core unleashes power when it is time to hit a drive or a put-away. Three layers of honeycomb are pressed to achieve a 19mm core thickness, giving players an incredibly solid and stable feel.


The DRIVE Paddle comes with a Taper Tech molded handle and a 4 1/8th grip size. A revolutionary technique in the Grit Paint provides excellent spin potential.


The DRIVE Paddle uses the highest quality carbon fiber, polypropylene honeycomb, and power shots are enhanced with the Aramid honeycomb. For off-center shots, players will still be able to hit shots with power, touch, and feel, because of the large sweet spot.

We offer a 10 day trial on our paddles. (This starts as soon as you receive the paddle)

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