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Introducing the ProDrive Drive Jr., the ultimate paddle designed specifically for young pickleball enthusiasts from ages 5-12. This paddle is not only perfect for kids but also serves as an excellent training tool for players of all ages.


With its compact size, the ProDrive Drive Jr. allows young players to comfortably grip and maneuver the paddle, enhancing their control and coordination on the court. The smaller surface area encourages precision and accuracy, helping them practice hitting the center of the paddle consistently.


Crafted with the same attention to detail and commitment to quality as our renowned ProDrive paddles, the Drive Jr. features a durable construction that can withstand the demands of rigorous play. The lightweight design ensures ease of handling, enabling young players to swing with confidence and agility.


Whether it's for recreational play or training purposes, the ProDrive Drive Jr. is the ideal choice. It not only introduces young players to the joy of pickleball but also helps them develop crucial skills that will elevate their game as they progress.


Invest in the ProDrive Drive Jr., and watch as your young pickleball enthusiasts hone their technique, improve their accuracy, and unleash their potential on the court. Give them the advantage they deserve with this top-notch paddle designed to make learning and training a rewarding experience.


Material: Aramid Honeycomb

Weight: 7.0±0.25OZ

Length: 13.78 inch

Width: 7.36 inch

Thickness: 10.5 mm

Surface : T700 Toray carbon fiber

Handle length: 4.5 inch

Grip size: 3 15/16 inch

ProDrive Drive Jr

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