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Prodrive created this new paddle called Select to be able to give you the ability to design your own paddle, Select paddle is a professional pickleball paddle that is 16mm made with Japanese Honey Comb and a Toray 700 Carbon Fiber Face , with the new way of printing clear and colorful we call it MaxRGB.

There hasn't been any better way todo your marketing than now having the full paddle face printed gives maximum exposure.

The select can be customized down to as low as 100 paddles.

Start from Scratch

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In this section, customers will have the opportunity to create a completely custom design for their pickleball paddle, including the option to add their own logo. By adding a logo to their paddle, customers can increase their brand visibility while playing and potentially gain more exposure to their business or cause. Additionally, having a custom paddle with a unique design can add to the overall enjoyment of playing pickleball.

This section is perfect for those who already have a logo or design in mind for their paddle. By working with our team, customers can bring their design to life and create a unique paddle that truly represents their brand or cause. Custom paddles with a logo can also be great option for competitions or as a way to donate to schools or organzations.


Finished Product

Once the custom design is complete, customers can view a digital representation of their finished product in this section. By having a custom paddle with their logo, customers can enjoy increased visibility while playing and potentially attract more attention to their brand or cause. Additionally, custom paddles can be a unique and memorable gift for friends, family, or customers.

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