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“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” — Thomas Edison.


A League of Your Own


Professional and intermediate athletes know hard work, fueled by a passion for the sport. When that same vigor joins ingenuity with expertise, legendary performance can be achieved. ProDrive’s revolutionary technology creates a synergy between balance and muscle that can propel any player into a league of their own.


Revolutionary Design


A love for pickleball drove award-winning, global engineer Henrik Andersson, to design a paddle the pickleball world has never seen. Henrik understands that a player needs to experience the sensation and touch of a drop shot while still being able to play with power. Vetted by pickleball professionals, coupled with Henrik’s signature painstaking attention to detail, the ProDrive pickleball paddle provides an unmatched edge-to-edge sweet spot for power, control, spin, touch, and feel.


The pressed triple-layer core consists of high-quality polypropylene honeycomb and the Aramid center provides maximum force and stability. The Carbon Fiber surface and Grit Paint provide ultimate spin control. A slightly elongated, original Taper Tech molded handle with a slim grip size, maneuvers the 19mm core thickness easily. 


Pro-Level Precision


USAPA compliant, the Pro Drive Pickleball Paddle was handcrafted for expert players looking for a competitive edge.



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